Gnome Chemistry Utils
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What are the Gnome Chemistry Utils?

The Gnome Chemistry Utils provide some programs and library containing GTK widgets and some C++ classes related to chemistry.

To compile and use the Gnome Chemistry Utils, you need goffice, GtkGLExt, OpenBabel, BODR, and their own dependencies. Everything except OpenBabel is available from the Gnome repository or one of its mirrors.

You can follow Gnome Chemistry Utils development on:

Current status

Last stable release is: 0.14.16

Last devel release is: 0.15.1


There is a huge list of things to do. See the TODO file provided with the sources for details. Other than that, some new programs might fit in the Gnome Chemistry Utils:

  • a lab kit drawing tool.
  • a tlc plate analyzer (might be part of a chromatography data related program).

Get help

If you need help, read the various programs documentations. If you do not find the answer to your question, you can use the mailing list (to which you need to subscribe because of anti-spam settings), or join us on: