2.2. Features

GChemCalc supports parenthesis and brackets to any level provided each one is matched as in the following example:

Figure 2-4. Using parenthesis and brackets

Abbreviations such as "Ph" for a phenyl substituant are supported.

This is also true for abbreviations such as Pr which might represent either a praseodymium atom or a propyl group. Three options are available in the Mode menu:


GChemCalc try to guess if the symbol represents an atom or a group, PrCl is analyzed as propyl chloride, while PrCl3 is praseodymium chloride; however, this method might fail in some cases such as PrPr3 which will not be recognized as trypropylpraseodymium, at least with this version of GChemCalc.


Ambiguous symbols are interpreted as atoms.


Ambiguous symbols are interpreted as groups.

Custom nicknames can be defined using the GChemPaint application.