3.7. To Add or Modify Orbitals representations

It is possible to add an orbital representation to an atom such as:

Figure 3-14. Orbital sample

To add one such representation, select the orbital tool:

Figure 3-15. Orbital tool

When this tool is selected the toolbox looks like:

Figure 3-16. Toolbox with orbital tool selected

The available options are:


A coefficient which affects the size and sign of the orbital. Acceptable valies are -1. to +1.


The rotation relative to the vertical. This option is, of course, not available for s-type orbitals.


The type of the new orbital.

To modify an existing orbital, right click on it or on the corresponding atomic symbol, select the orbital in the popup menu, and choose Properties.

This pops up the following window with the same options as in the toolbox:

Figure 3-17. Orbital properties dialog