2.4. To Print the Current View

To print the contents of the current view, use File->Print.

Gnome Crystal uses OpenGL to print the image. The color depth will be for this reason the one used by the X server. As the printer resolution is much larger than the screen resolution and the buffer used has the same size as the view, the scene is splitted in as many parts as necessary to build the whole image sent to the printer. The resolution used for printing can be changed in the Settings Dialog choose Edit->Preferences. The Preferences dialog box opens (see Section 2.5). Printing can be a lengthy operation even with a 300 dpi resolution; higher resolutions might be unpracticable.

File->Preview opens a window with a preview of the printed output.

To tune the printed output, chooseFile->Page setup... as explained below.

2.4.1. The page setup dialog.

the first tab of the dialog concerns the paper and margins setup. Headers and footers are not supported in the version of Gnome Crystal

Figure 2-1. The Page Setup tab.

The second tab allows you tio choose the scale of the output. With no scaling or scaling at 100%, the output will have the same size in points as the size in pixels on the screen. If you choose automatic scaling, you can make the output fill the available space either horizontally, vertically, or both (none of the options is equivalent to no scaling).

Printing to more than one page is not supported in this version of Gnome Crystal

Figure 2-2. The Print Scale tab.