2.5. To Change Gnome Crystal Settings

2.5.1. Printing resolution

Figure 2-3. Printer Resolution Page

Printing needs that an OpenGL window. The properties page "Printing parameters" allows you choose the printer resolution in the list. If your printer resolution is not in the list, select the "Other" option and give the right value in the appropriate text entry. As the printer resolution is much larger than the screen resolution and the buffer used has the same size as the view, the scene is splitted in as many parts as necessary to build the whole image sent to the printer. Printing can be a lengthy operation even with a 300 dpi resolution; higher resolutions might be unpracticable.

2.5.2. Views default parameters

Figure 2-4. View Defaults Page

Parameters available in this page are those that will concern every new view when it is created. To change the same parameters for already opened views, you should use the View menu (see Section 4.3)

Available parameters are background color, field of view, and model orientation defined by Euler's angles.