3.3. User Defined Charts

A user can create a new empty plot, and then customize it as explained in the previous section.

To create a new empty plot, choose Edit+Element charts->Custom. This will open two new windows: one containing the new chart, and one containing the chart properties dialog.

Figure 3-3. New empty chart window

Figure 3-4. New empty chart properties dialog

The graph contains just one empty chart. In most cases, the first thing to do is to add a new plot using the Add button as seen in next screenshot:

Figure 3-5. Adding a plot

This adds not only a plot, but also a backplane, the two needed axes, and a data series to the plot.

You can then select the data to use for the new series. Only predefined data vectors can be used. If X values are not selected, an integer series starting from 0 will be used; that is the atomic number minus one.

Figure 3-6. Data selection

Further customization is explained in the previous section.