2.3. To Edit the Document Properties

You can edit the document properties as follows:

Use the menu item View->Tools to open the document properties dialog box.

Figure 2-2. Document Properties Dialog

The fields in this dialog box are:


The title of the document.

Author's Name

The default value is the environment variable USERNAME.

Author's E-Mail Address

The default value is the environment variable E_MAIL if it exists.

Creation Date

The time when the file was created. This field cannot be edited.

Revision Date

The last time the file was saved. This field cannot be edited.


The theme used by the document. Changing the theme of an existing document is not a recommended operation. Bond lengths and some other data will not be updated according to the new theme.

For more informations about GChemPaint themes, see the Themes editing section.


This field can contain any useful text.

Dates are created automatically and saved with the file. The other fields are optionnal and are saved only if they are not empty.